What is a hot gin and tonic?

A lot! There are actually multiple different types of G&T’s, including iced ones, but when you’re looking for something to warm you up on cool autumn days, there’s nothing quite like drinking your favourite mixed drink hot instead.

A hot gin and tonic, made with a good craft gin like Old Bakery Gin, is a drink that consists of two main ingredients; Gin, which is a traditional British spirit made from juniper berries, and tonic water, which is carbonated flavoured water with quinine in it. There are many different types of gins available on the market today but generally speaking most people use Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray as they have been voted to be some of the best tasting brands out there by top bartenders worldwide. The difference between this and a classic G&T is that instead of using ice, you heat up the spirit with boiling water. The hot liquid is then poured over ice before it is served alongside a slice of lemon and some tonic syrup.

The taste sensation of a hot G&T is very different to that of a cold one. The quinine in the tonic water gives it a bitter taste while still having some sweetness from the syrup and lemon, which is why this combination works so well when you drink it hot.

Most people prefer their gin and tonics on the rocks (i.e. chilled) but there are many who would rather have them at room temperature or even hot, such as those with respiratory complaints like asthma sufferers for example; drinking something warm can help clear congestion before bedtime. So the next time you want to try something different with your G&T, why not try drinking it hot, and see how the taste sensations entice your tastebuds?